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Liquidity Problems and Rescue Packages


Liquidity Problems and Rescue Packages

Now that the $2 trillion rescue bill has been passed, we believe it will come with unintended consequences. Part of the bill includes the federal government getting ownership in companies and the Federal Reserve buying corporate bonds for the first time ever. 2008 had similar unintended consequences when bank trading desks were eliminated, which created a drop in liquidity in the bond markets. The government being involved in owning and lending to publicly traded companies is a slippery slope.

Written by

Logan M. Brauning

Logan joined THOR in 2019 after graduating from Xavier University. As an Associate Wealth Advisor, Logan works with clients creating customized financial plans. He is also a part of the New Business Development Committee, where he works on marketing and growing the THOR brand. Logan is dedicated to continuing his education and is currently studying to earn his Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) certification.

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