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Our Advantage

THOR was established in April of 1992 by Jim Gore with one client.  Prior to starting THOR, Jim was a consultant for the institutional consulting firm Fund Evaluation Group.  He worked with large multi-million-dollar endowment funds.  Jim found value in this type of in-depth, thoughtful due diligence and wanted to provide that type of advice to individuals. 

Jim also wanted to provide a more forward-looking investment approach.  He recognized that many investors picked investments based on recent performance.  For example, in the late 1980’s consulting firms were using Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory to assist them with asset allocation.  In 1988, based in large part on this theory, consulting firms were recommending international and deep value stocks because this theory showed it would reduce portfolio risk and increase returns.  What happened in the next 3 years? Japan’s stock market crashed and deep value stocks significantly underperformed.  This example highlights why Jim spent the early 90’s developing a proprietary investment model that has assisted THOR in creating diversified portfolios for over 25 years.

While investment analysis and portfolio management remain a core service of THOR, the business has grown its capabilities to include financial, tax and estate advice.  To reflect this evolution, in 2019 THOR changed its name to THOR Wealth Management, Inc. from THOR Investment Management, Inc. to better reflect the services we offer.

Want to know what went into creating our name?  Watch the video below….