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Investment Management

Cincinnati Investment Management

Jim started THOR over 25 years ago with the intention of providing institutional money management to individual investors.  Thorough research of the markets and potential investments are the cornerstones of THOR’s Investment Committee.  We combine our own in-house research with outside research obtained through investment conferences and meetings with mutual fund managers to assist in developing our client portfolios.  We utilize a time-tested, disciplined approach to investing.  We are a “total portfolio” manager using an actively diversified investment approach.  We are long-term investors that believe in portfolio diversification and over time excess returns can be achieved by over-weighting undervalued asset classes and investment styles.


Proprietary Investment Model

THOR utilizes a proprietary investment model to help determine undervalued parts of the market, searching for segments that will outperform going forward.  We believe you can make money in any asset class, it just depends on the price you pay for a particular security. We are agnostic to investment vehicles and will invest in the vehicle we believe will best reflect our investment thesis, whether that be stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, etc..

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