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Tax Planning & Preparation

Wealth management takes a holistic view of a household’s finances and cash flow.  A large portion of your income goes to income taxes.  It is common for these taxes to account for 25% or more of your annual income.  With experienced planners and tax preparers on staff, THOR provides year-round tax planning advice.

Minimize Taxes

Are you taking all the income tax credits you qualify for –  such as education credits and child and dependent care credits?  What is the best way to report a child’s investment income?  If you are subject to the net investment income tax, is there a way to reduce your income and minimize the impact of this tax? We have experienced tax professionals who can help you answer these complicated tax matters and prepare your return. 

Employees at THOR Wealth helping with tax advice

Charitable Giving

If you love supporting your favorite charity, you may be able to minimize your taxes over a two-year period by creating and contributing to a donor-advised fund.  Or you can save on your taxes by donating appreciated stock or mutual funds instead of cash.

Estimated Tax Payments

If you are employed, is the right amount of income tax being withheld from your paycheck to avoid a large refund or a large underpayment?  If you work for yourself or have an ownership interest in a business, are you making quarterly estimated tax payments? We can help to reduce the stress and uncertainty of tax season.