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Helping Emerging Wealth Families Simplify Their Finances

THOR Wealth Management Inc.



Are You Emerging Wealth?

  • Couples busy with work and family
  • Career-oriented/dual-career family
  • High-income earners
  • Families who need assistance managing their debt
  • Unsure of how to prioritize financial decisions
  • Those who aspire to enjoy their life, family, and friends
  • Looking to simplify your financial life
  • Rollover from old employer or newly inherited wealth


Why Emerging Wealth

Over the years, THOR has worked with many emerging wealth families. Oftentimes, parents are focused on their careers, while trying to balance their busy family life – family finances are many times looked at as “we’ll get to that later.” We help to lighten the burden by making complex financial needs understandable and straightforward.  This allows the family to focus on what is most important to them, knowing THOR is in the background guiding and coaching them to financial freedom. We want YOU to achieve that same freedom. 


THOR Difference

Wealth planning, financial planning, investment management, taxes… all from one team

Fee-only, no products to sell and we invest in what we recommend to our clients

Money affects everyone and impacts all aspects of life. We thrive in guiding you during life’s most significant milestones.

Balancing your financial priorities can be challenging. Having THOR as your financial quarterback can ease the burden.

No matter your financial complexity or net worth, we believe everyone can benefit from professional advice.

Innovative and collaborative use of technology that allows you to view your financial dashboard anytime and anywhere



Retirement Planning

Like many things in life, planning for a particular event should begin years ahead of the event itself. Like many less-than-exciting planning activities, individuals tend to put retirement planning at the bottom of their priority list. We strive to help our clients be proactive with their financial life.​

Learn more about Retirement Planning


Financial Planning

Each family has a distinct set of values, goals, and priorities which leads to unique financial situations. Financial planning is a collaborative process that assists you in aligning your personal and financial circumstances. It outlines a strategic and intentional plan that maximizes the potential of achieving financial freedom.

Learn more about Financial Planning


Investment Management

The right mix of investments is a key piece of your long-term financial success. Since our inception in 1992, THOR has utilized our proprietary investment model to help achieve the right mix of investments for your portfolio. 

Learn More about Investment Management


Wealth Transfer

You and your family have worked hard to accumulate your wealth. Do you need help creating your estate plan? Do your parents need advice with their estate plan? We can assist you in these matters and choices to help you achieve your wealth transfer goals.

Learn more about Wealth Transfer


Small Business

When someone decides to start their own business or to join others in setting up a business, choosing the proper form of entity is a very important decision. Once formed, the entity may face ongoing issues. We are here to help and have advisors with years of experience that can assist in this area. 

Learn more about Small Business Advisory


Tax Planning & Preparation

Wealth management takes a holistic view of a household’s finances and cash flow.  A large portion of your income goes to income taxes. It is common for these taxes to account for 25% or more of your annual income.  With experienced planners and tax preparers on staff, THOR provides year-round tax planning advice. 

Learn more about Tax Planning & Preparation



In The News

This article highlights Steve Watkins (Cincinnati Business Courier) interview with Jim Gore, CFA, CMT, CAIA.  Jim discusses starting the firm, recent firm growth, and the future of THOR Wealth Management.

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Our Team

Over the years, THOR has built a dedicated team as unique and talented as the people we serve. Our Cincinnati wealth management team is your team and is here to assist you with any of your financial needs.

Meet Our Team


Investment Policy

THOR has a policy, with minor exceptions, that requires its employees to invest their personal assets in the same assets that we invest in for our clients.  We believe this helps align our interests with our clients and shows our confidence in our portfolio selections.  We refer to this as “eating our own cooking.”


Our History

For over 25 years, we have helped 500+ people, just like you, with wealth management.  When we started, we were designed to bring institutional money management services to individuals.  Over the years, we have evolved to the point where today we are a full-service wealth advisory firm.

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3 Meeting Process

Here is what to expect when getting started.

Let's talk


We want to get to know you! What are your financial goals, wants, needs, worries, etc.?


The second meeting is our chance to talk about THOR and how we can help your family.


If there is a fit, this meeting is all about setting up a seamless road ahead.

Turning Emerging Wealth Into Lasting Wealth