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Financial Advisor

Your Trusted Financial Advisor.

THOR is a boutique, fee-only financial advisor dedicated to helping individuals achieve their wealth management goals.
Are you comfortable with your current financial situation and how you are
managing these decisions?

If you are like most people it is tough to answer this question with confidence. Volatile market returns, saving rates and distributions, constant changes in regulatory environment, direction of interest rate markets, and complex tax implications are all interrelated factors that can work for or against you depending on the steps you take today.

THOR Investment can help you make sense of the confusion and achieve your long-term goals. As your personal financial advisor, THOR will work with you to create a comprehensive plan specific to your goals. With years of experience and sophisticated software tools, we’ll help you better understand your financial forecast and steps you can take to ensure long-term success.

At THOR, we take a comprehensive approach that combines investment management, financial planning, estate planning, and tax analysis to ensure you are on course to achieve your financial goals. We plan to be your financial advisor for the long-term and are dedicated to creating a lasting relationship.

Schedule a meeting today and find out how a financial advisor can help you achieve your financial goals.